The library at the KAPI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is aesthetically designed to cater to the large number of students and staffs. It is well furnished in conformity with modern library standards

  • The Carefully chosen collection in the library consists of
  • Books which relate directly to subjects in the curriculum of the various courses
  • Books which deal with related topics or allied fields of study in the Curriculum
  • Reference books which include dictionaries, encyclopedias, Year books, atlases etc.
  • Selected books of general interest of curricular, extra-curricular or recreational reading
  • The learned, scientific and popular periodicals and separate section for those preparing for competitive examinations

The library at the KAPI POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is a store house of knowledge stocking more than 3170 books and subscribes to about 50 journals. The library houses several reading halls for students and faculty members, a separate journal section , reference book sections, lounges for new paper reading and issue counters. The Library  widens its services through Medline, Meddlers, CD-ROMS and internet facilities. The Students are Rendered guidance by qualified librarians


Physical Education

  • The college provides sports and recreation facilities for the students through the department of Physical education. Physical Directors to give coaching and training
  • There is also a large play ground for athletic and field events like running, shot put, Javelin and Discuss throw
    The sports facilities includes outdoor games like volleyball, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Tennikoit, Tennis, Shuttle and Ball Badminton and indoorgames like Carom and Chess  


A medical centre with all facilities is maintained for the benefit of the students and staff of all institutions. Specialists are visiting the centre in the evenings